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Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level 3 & 4

Holy Fire Reiki Master & Teacher

Counselling Skills

Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Breathwork Facilitator

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After a busy and successful 23 year career in the commercial retail world working for major retailers worldwide, travelling and being a single parent. Various traumas in life had finally taken its toll on my health physically and emotionally. Things kept going wrong, and I was convinced I was cursed until I realised the negative energy was coming from within me.

I was suffering from multiple chronic autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, struggling to get through the days.

I decided to start Reiki healing to help with anxiety and saw the benefits which opened my eyes to Crystals, breathwork & the wonderful metaphysical world of healing our bodies. I discovered that healing the stress, and trauma meant healing the body. I realised that the more I healed, the lighter my body became and the more I was able manifest and understood the law of attraction more than ever! 

I had always wanted to help and felt my purpose was to help others overcome trauma just didn't know-how. I had started a psychodynamic counselling degree which I struggled to finish due to the UNI fees, juggling a career and being a single parent at the time. After going back to the career that was starting to feel shallow, my favourite part was to mentor my team to be the best they could be. I had a major road traffic accident which I later realised was the universe telling me to STOP, So I did.

After discovering Chinese medicine 6 years ago and how it changed my whole life energy and wellbeing, including those around me, I became so passionate about spreading this gift. I  decided to train in levels Usui Reiki 1,2,3 and 4 Master and Teacher to share my passion.


Once I discovered how powerful energy medicine is in reversing stress disease I knew I had to share this gift, and 2 years ago progressed my training even further to upgrade to Holy Fire Reiki Master training the most upgraded version of Reiki.


Since then, I have worked on hundreds of clients, bringing them back to balance and realising the full potential. Watching my clients evolve and grow has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I bounced back from divorce, Crohn's Disease, depression and anxiety and fibromyalgia amongst many more issues, through holistic and energy healing.


To use my trauma, experiences & wisdom combined with my skills I have learned along my healing path has been an incredible life purpose for me.

I made my dream of my new business come true with lots of hard inner work, removing negative energy from my life and attracting amazing things.


We all have the power to attract this universal matrix of energy around the universe; sometimes, we need guidance as to how.




Certificated & fully insured and accredited