Meditation Group

Transform with Me

Breathwork, Energy, Meditation Class

These powerful sessions that run weekly in small classes, are a unique combination of Breathwork using Wim Hoff Technique, Guided Meditation with Energy Healing, & Soundbath. These sessions carry  so many transformational benefits such as Stress relief, release emotional trauma, boost the immune system, connect the mind body & soul, energising, increase focus, memory, sleep and many other emotional issues. With regular practice these sessions will improve your overall wellbeing and the opportunity to connect with beautiful like minded people. Powerful for those suffering with stress, depression and anxiety with incredible results

Breathwork, The Wim Hoff Technique in particular has achieved powerful results such as 

Relief from 




Auto Immune Disease

Stress related illness

Emotional Trauma

Lack of focus and memory


Pain conditions

Its totally safe for all levels and you do not need to be spiritual or experienced in meditation to take part. In fact its perfect for those who lack the ability to quieten the mind as the breath does it for you, which then has an amazing way of calming the body down and boosting the way in which our body repairs itself.