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If our heart is heavy or hurting, aching or grieving, we are missing someone, it’s important we allow ourselves to cry

We often hold back tears but it’s an important part of our healing process to allow them to fall.

Crying releases endorphins physical and emotional pain and makes us feel better & there is such a stigma and conditioning around telling us “don’t cry” or “be strong” to not cry

It actually promotes such a sense of well being and relief...

Detoxing the body and helping us restore some balance.

We should always allow & give ourselves permission to sit with our grief and heartbreak rather holding it in.

If we struggle to cry some intense breathwork always helps me, although I don’t usually struggle 😏

We can be strong in our core but be vulnerable at the same time allowing ourselves to feel and process the hurt anger and pain in the heart and chest

If our heart is closed we should always try our hardest to give love , because when we give we also receive

If we are not receiving we should look at are we giving? To the right people?

Burning and using oils like sandalwood or rose, doing some heart opening yoga poses will help open the heart

Using crystals such as

Rose quartz or jade on the heart and

meditating visualising bringing from the base of your spine an emerald green light in to your heart space allowing it radiate through you for 3 to 5 minutes

Green foods

Warm soups

432Hz frequency music &

Affirmations such as my heart is free

I feel joy

I give love freely it gives me joy

I love myself unconditionally and give freely to others

I am divine love

Will all help to open and heal the heart from its wounds

“ The wound is where the place where the light enters“ ~ Rumi


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