Playing around with some more alchemy brings me so much joy and I love being creative ... today we produced our new mist & bath salts came to earth🤍♾

“I am divine love” lifts you & fills you with a sense of safety, calm & unconditional love🤍♾

Made with pure love & intention, infused with Reiki & New Moon charged & a drop of crystal quartz to amplify its energy 🙏🏼

My favourite oil combination of Palo Santo & Frankincense smells so pure and divine 🤍

When essential oils are inhaled the magic travels directly to the part of the brain which holds our emotions.

A few pumps of this must around the

face head & nose will lift you, fill you with peace, & unconditional love.

We have called it “I am Divine Love” because that’s exactly what you are


Follow our page on Instagram @thesoulalchemistuk where you can pre order this for delivery or pick up from moi 🙏🏼

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