“I trust my inner teacher”

Our third eye is our gut instinct , the super power we all have, that maybe we don’t listen to , or like what it has to say. Or maybe it’s a little blocked from a build up of too much “stagnant information” held in our energy field that stops us being so open.

It’s important we don’t confuse our minds with our intuition. The intuition is something we can’t describe but it’s a feeling we get in our whole being that sometimes we allow our mind to “muddy”.

I have come across people before that boast about there intuition being really strong but I actually see that they just don’t like that many people 😆

Our intuition is our extra sensory perception.

When it’s blocked we don’t have faith in it and don’t believe it to be accurate

We may even struggle sleeping or feel clumsy and struggle with new projects or our ability to form accurate gut feelings

To help open this we should meditate focusing on a violet energy in centre the centres of our forehead

Breathe in deeply and focus on it getting bigger as we breathe up in to it

Imagine absorbing the purple in to your being as you breathe

Eating purple fruits and veg will also help open the third eye as well as eating Dark chocolate 😍

I trust my inner teacher

Affirmation :

“My 3rdeye is open and ready to see my purpose “

Good crystals for 3rd eye are Amethyst, Lapis or Black obsidian



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